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Mixtape Revolution Drop2022


The Cassette Revolution that is!

Don't worry this isn't a Cult, but we do dabble in cult classics.

It's the craze that's sweeping the nation.

Old technology soo cool it just wont die. Quite the opposite; It lives!!!


For they Layman, this is how this works.

My Mixtapes are good, some of them are even great. They have music yes, but not just music. They contain pop culture references, wisdom, and nonsense at the best of times. I wont tell you what is on them, you have to take a $15 - $25.00 (plus shipping) chance and await the listening of something you can't predict. But just like life if you were in total control of everything that happened to you you'd likely become bored and eventually wish for the kind of life you have now; where everything is a mystery. Where the bad makes the good that much better and the great is only ever had for but a moment in time. So take a chance get a mixtape and let the adventure begin. I guarantee the first time you listen wont be like the next. Sure the contents are the same... But hopefully you have changed, and with that so does your focus on what's being said or sung.


These will be limited selections. Once they are out of stock I will likely never release them again.


Here is the current Drop of selections, Happy Hunting!



gallery 6.JPG
gallery 6.JPG

Custom Murals

Looking for a custom mural for your home or business? Have a love for vibrant abstract graphic expressions via spray paint of wild style and lampoon-ish humor? Drop us a line. The best way to get ahead is to get started. 

gallery 4.JPG

Custom Canvas Art

The signature acrylic doom splashed lovingly across canvas sizes of your choosing. Unique gifts for the discerning aesthete. What's you favorite color?

gallery 3.JPG
gallery 3.JPG

Watercolor Pantings

Weddings, People or Places you wish to depict in artform, for whatever motive you choose, can be done in a meaningful way that makes it a great gift or addition to any art collection.

gallery 2.JPG


Custom mixtapes by request or choose from my own personal library made available in 30 day limited drops. Monitor @DeathByAcrylic on Instagram or singup at the bottom of this page for my newsletter, "The Noose Paper" for Drop dates.


Lookin's For Free
Touchin's Gonna Cost You



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